jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

Guise and Charcas V

Departamento: Guise and Charcas V

This apartment is clean, nice and superbly located. Everything you need can be found within two blocks: down Guise across Charcas is the electrical store to purchase your convertor plugs, around the corner on Bulnes is the laundry service (in and out the same day), down Guise is the Farmacity (pharmacy) and across from that is an exceptionally good sushi take-out -- Heiwa-- , and right on the ground floor is a locutorio with amazingly nice clerks/owners and VERY clean nice new computers. The subte is 2 blocks away, an all night kiosko is near the subte stop (Bulnes), and you are 1.5 blocks from Alto Palermo mall. 

                                                                                                            Shelley, United States


We LOVED the apartment! It was not only lovely, conveniently located, well equipped, but also comfortable and "user-friendly". Silvia in particular (the lovely person who met us there and opened for us and closed for us) deserves the highest praise. She was warm, charming, friendly, and VERY HELPFUL! We had a WONDERFUL time, loved Buenos Aires and loved our little home away from home. We would heartily recommend your service to anyone going to Argentina. We were very happy with the apartment and had a great stay. Thanks for all!!!!!

                                                                                                         Marilyn, United States

Hola! Uso los servicios de ByT cuando viajo a Buenos Aires hace ya algunos años, y si me pongo a escribir sobre ByT para expresar mi punto de vista, me pondré muy repetitivo. La empresa, su equipo, los atendientes, en fin, son todos atenciosos y perfectos; todo sale siempre acorde con mis expectativas o mejor de lo esperado por un viajero. Es muy bueno poder contar con una empresa tan organizada y con gente tan educada y cortés como lo son los empleados de ByT. Una vez más les agradezco por su atención, cordialidad, en fin, gracias por todo y hasta mi próximo viaje. Saludos cordiales desde Brasil! Volnei De Castro

                                                                                                                Volnei, Brazil

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